Shelby GT-500 1965-1966
April 30, 2017
1960 Mercedes 190 SL “R121”
May 1, 2017

1955 Mercury Montclair

the Montclair came in 1955 until 1957 and 1964-1968 and it was Mercury’s premium car
the first generation came from 1955-1957 and the design was inspired by Mercury’s concept car XM-800, it came with a lot of options like the extra trims and different two tone paint to set them apart from other Mercury product also there was a half glass roof version called the Sun Vally but it didn’t sold well because of the heat buildup in the interior only around 1700 were sold in 1955 and the sales kept declining until it discontinued in 1957, it came with a 292cu V8 with 185 hp

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