Ford Model T 1920
April 2, 2017
Chevrolet Camero 1968
April 30, 2017

Dodge Charger R / T 1969

Dodge Charger R / T model 1969, one of the most powerful cars that have been made at all. Vinsjm yellow color with a black horizontal bar which seems unique as the “buzz Bee” in the background of the car. It was presented the first car Dodge Charger in 1966, which has a ceiling Mnhana towards the bottom of the car from behind. It was not to generate this car until the Dodge company in 1968 decided to re-design model Charizard to become a classic in the form of “Bi-Badi” who knows all lovers and beloved powerful classic cars. It was a lot of cars Dodge Charger manufacturing in 1969, equal to 69.142 vehicles. Of all those cars, there were only 20, 100 cars R / T only. The car was cut off 53.233 miles, and all those above reasons

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