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1 Nostalgia classic cars Nostalgia classic cars is a showroom of classic cars and distinctive space to host the activities of other brands at the same time, so as to ensure its visitors a unique experience always. Founded the company, Mr. Mazen Al-Khatib in 2016, where he worked in the banking sector, but the collection between his passion and his extensive experience in the business acquired over long years sector, and today manages all company operations. This showroom is the first show of its kind in the United Arab Emirates, as it focuses on the sale of a selection of famous models affordable for those fond of the classic car hobby assembly. Moreover, the pool showroom lovers of classic cars from all over the country to share knowledge and experiences with other people who share their same hobby. Located Nostalgia classic cars, which prides itself on being the creative center in the region for new ideas and leading in the sectors of arts and culture in serious Sirkal in Dubai, the company owns more than 100 classic car prices ranging from 60 to 75 thousand dollars. 318th Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates