Photo Model About car
1 1769 The word car came from the French word (automobile), which is a machine that move itself rather than pulled or dragged by another animal. In 1769 it has been designed as the first car in the world by steam, placed on a small stove and It consists of small wheels toothed wheels and rotating that moving by steam.
2 1884 The car as we know it today was invented by two Germans, both of them had worked alone. One of them was "Karl Benz " who made his car in 1884. Another one was “Gottlieb Daimler”’ who made his car in 1885 and was with four wheels that moving by gas, which is generated from the combustion of petroleum oil. But the safe transfer car appeared in 1907 and in 1908 became affordable for the average person.
3 1918 The period between the two world wars of 1918 and the start of World War II in 1939 as a golden age of luxury cars due to develop its industry, improving road infrastructure and enact the laws of cars. Automakers have rapidly developed and established Chrysler in 1925, 1926 Bontiak, and La Salle 1927, and the Plymouth 1928.